You may cause damage to the environment without realising it even if your company does not produce any polluting substances. For example, your industrial site may be polluted. Traditional insurance policies do not usually cover these claims, but this special environmental impact insurance does.

Protection against claims involving environmental damage



Environment regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent, leading to increasing risks of liability. Furthermore, it can be difficult to manage environmental damage, which means that costs can rise considerably. Environmental impairment liability insurance means that your company is covered against intentional and unintentional environmental damage. This damage may be very diverse. For instance, your team may disturb biodiversity during a team-building exercise, or asbestos may be found in a leased office. Our environmental impairment liability insurance does not distinguish between the place, source, or nature of the damage. If you would like to obtain cover against all kinds of environmental damage Contact us for a quote!

What does it cover?

Pollution of your siteboth accidental and gradual

Liability for environmental damage to third parties

Defence costs

Remediation costs

Damage to biodiversity

Furthermore, it can also explicitly include specific risks such as damage caused by the construction or textile industries, chemical industries, transport, etc.