It is specifically designed for liberal and intellectual professions. The policy covers unintentional damage caused by doctors, lawyers or travel companies, for instance, due to a professional or contractual error. Furthermore, this insurance is often compulsory.

Guarantee for liberal professions



This insurance covers all forms of unintentional damage caused by practitioners of liberal or intellectual professions, ranging from an architect who makes a mistake in plans, to a dentist who pulls out the wrong tooth. It also covers incorrect advice or calculations by companies that provide services. You can extend this policy with liability insurance for business operations and a limited legal assistance guarantee for complete cover of your professional activities. Contact us for a proposal that is perfectly tailored to your needs!



What does it cover?

Damage caused by professional and contractual errors:

  • Material damage: a bailiff has the contents of the wrong house removed
  • Non-material damage: a lawyer delays sending an appeal which leads to a judgment becoming final
  • Physical injury: a doctor commits a professional error