Insurer for any SME

Our approach can best be described as 'all-encompassing'. 35 employees active in 11 European countries are committed to the insurance portfolio of large and small SMEs on a daily basis. Transporter, construction company or professional athlete? We speak – literally and figuratively – your language! With us, there are no intermediate links or difficult constructions, but always to-the-point and transparent advice.

Digitalisation is our trump card

We go much further than traditional brokers. Due to our intensive specialisation in transport, we have noticed various recurring issues in the sector. Based on these needs and our expertise, we have developed various online tools that facilitate fleet management across different countries. These include the online system Mobility, and the prevention tool Safe-T.We are also committed to digitalisation in other sectors, for instance, with the mybroker.be tool which allows our clients to digitally consult their policies.

International story

Over 20 years ago, we followed one of our customers to Poland. That international operation has only intensified over the last 5 years. We are determined to offer your company the same level of service abroad as in Belgium. We always work directly with foreign insurers. Our people, and our service! No bother with networks and bringing in local brokers.


We have our own offices in our most strategic countries (Poland, Germany). At the moment, we are busy setting up our own offices in Spain and France. This extended internationalisation means that we speak more than 13 different languages at D’hondt Insurance.

Tried and tested

D’hondt Insurance has a track record of more than 25 years of experience. Kurt D’hondt has been at the helm since 1993 and specialises in transport and construction. We sold our B2C portfolio in 2017, and since then we have focused entirely on the B2B world. We are now the main point of contact for every SME that needs a balanced insurance package. A personal service is included!

Sport as a common bond

We insist on developing a personal relationship with our clientele. Sport plays an important role in this. D'hondt Insurance has been the house broker for a number of football clubs for many years. This ensures that we can invite a few customers to one of our great business formulas at every home game.


In addition, we support a number of local initiatives and are also active in the automotive world.




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