Consult your insurance certificate anytime, anywhere

This tool from D'hondt Insurance is your helping hand along the way. View your insurance certificate anytime, anywhere and download it directly from the tool. Have you had an accident? No problem, report the damage immediately to your broker. 

Consult your insurance card

Consult your insurance certificate anywhere, anytime. This way you can find out how long it is still valid.

Download your insurance card

When you log in via Mobility, you can also download your insurance certificate after the necessary steps. In this way you have your proof of insurance immediately at hand and you no longer have to contact your broker for this.

Report damage after an accident

After an accident, there is often an administrative burden, while you are probably a little shaken at that time. Don't worry, you can report the damage directly to your broker after an accident.

Consult your insurance certificate and report your accident

Your helping hand along the way.

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