As a director or decision-maker of a company, you try to ensure that everything runs smoothly and properly within your company, day after day. Nevertheless, you may still unintentionally commit a professional error. Did you know that you can be held personally liable for these errors? Directors’ and Officials’ liability insurance protects you against this and so it is also highly recommend for safeguarding your personal assets.

Protect your personal assets

Directors’ and officials’ liability insurance protects the personal assets of directors and decision-makers against potential claims for damages. This insurance enables you to run your business with peace of mind. The company takes out the guarantee and it protects everyone who carries out management acts in the event of a professional error. Contact us for a quotation tailored to your requirements. The premium depends on the type of activities and the turnover of your company.

What does it cover?

Costs arising from an unintentional error by a director:

  • Civil, criminal and administrative claims
  • Compensation
  • Court costs
  • Costs of restoring reputation
  • Defence costs