Anyone who operates a publicly accessible area is legally required to take out strict liability insurance. This protects visitors to restaurants, event locations, cultural centres, for instance, if they become the victim of a fire or an explosion during their visit.

Guarantee in the event of a fire or explosion

Visitors, customers or residents can lodge a claim for damages if a fire or explosion occurs in a public space. The person who suffers injury must be compensated no matter what, without burden of proof. This means that strict liability insurance provides you as the operator with peace of mind. You can request details of the applicable criteria and formalities from the technical department of your municipality. We will provide you with the accompanying certificate when you take out the policy with us. Contact us!

What does it cover?

Loss or damage to third parties in the event of a fire or explosion:

  • Physical injury to over 23,000,000 euros
  • Material damage to over 1,100,000 euros