When transporting machinery and equipment, good insurance is essential. Haulage machinery breakdown insurance covers the costs when expensive removal lifts or cranes become damaged during transport. This policy applies to all machines that can be connected to a lorry or truck.

Transport machines with peace of mind



Machinery breakdown insurance for the haulage sector covers all kinds of damage, from material damage to fire and theft. You can take out the policy for a wide range of equipment and machines, such as loading/unloading ramps, forklift trucks or cooling units, so all kinds of mobile machines. We recommend taking out property insurance for static equipment. If you would like more information about our machinery breakdown insurance policies, do not hesitate to contact us!

What does it cover?

Fire,explosion, spontaneous combustion, short circuit, lightning strike


Material damage caused by:

  • Collisions, bumps, knocks, coming off the road or into contact with water, whether or not it is due to an inherent defect
  • Faults, negligence, omissions and malice (even when committed by people employed by the company)