Civil liability insurance for buses is a legal requirement for all buses. It also includes the compulsory strict liability for paid passenger transport. In this way, all damage incurred by third parties in the bus or caused by the bus is covered. This insurance is not a commonly found insurance due to the high level of risk, but this is also why we will be pleased to be your insurance partner.

Compulsory strict liability



The compulsory civil liability insurance for buses actually differs from other insurance policies in that it covers no-fault liability for paid passenger transport. This means that the cause does not need to be proven in the event of an incident to make claim on this insurance. Any third party who suffers damage, whether they are a passenger or not, can claim on this insurance. Claim amounts can be extremely high if physical injury is suffered. That is why few insurers offer this policy. However, we will be pleased to create an insurance proposal tailored to your needs. Contact us with no obligation, so that your drivers can drive with peace of mind!

What does it cover?

Damage to third parties (passers-by and passengers):

  • Physical injury
  • Material damage
  • Personal clothing and luggage