Good car insurance covers any damage that you cause to a third party, from bodywork damage to physical injury. In Belgium, you are legally required to have basic third-party insurance for a car, but this can be extended with additional cover so you can better protect your vehicles.

Complete car insurance



When an accident occurs unexpectedly on a public road, the insurance policy of the person who caused the accident will cover the personal injury and material damage suffered by the victim. You have to take out this compulsory insurance for cars, light commercial vehicles, motorbikes and mopeds. If you would like to insure a commercial vehicle or even an entire fleet of vehicles, Contact us. We will be pleased to work out a premium that is tailored to you, and various discounts are available, based on, for instance, your no-claims history or the size of your fleet.

What does it cover?

Damage to third parties and passengers:

  • Personal injury: unlimited cover in Belgium
  • Physical damage: up to 100 million euros per incident
  • Personal clothing and luggage belonging to passengers

Possible add-ons:

  • Legal assistance after an accident
  • Drivers guarantee, which provides a pay-out for personal injury caused to a driver even if he/she was at fault.
  • A sistership clause is useful for vehicles that are not covered by a fully comprehensive insurance policy. With this clause, vehicles in a fleet that cause damage to other vehicles in the same fleet, are considered as third parties.