Fully comprehensive insurance is extremely useful for commercial vehicles as there are several specific types of cover, such as damage due to loading. Furthermore, fully comprehensive insurance naturally does what it should do – it covers damage you have suffered.

Tailored to the transport sector



Do you have a new lorry or truck? Fully comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of potential damage. An amount is set in advance as a limit for the cover on a first loss basis. The policy also includes any breakdown and repatriation costs. Furthermore, you can rely on a payment for each day that the vehicle cannot be used (loss of income). The various options available for the policy excess mean we can fully tailor the insurance to your company's needs. Contact us!

What does it cover?

Damage you incur, glass damage, fire, theft, forces of nature

Special add-ons for the haulage sector:

    • Jackknifing
    • Loss and misappropriation
    • Tipping and rolling over
    • Damage caused by load

Separate cover for fire and theft is also possible which does not cover the damage you incur