A new, or nearly new car, deserves fully comprehensive insurance. This type of policy covers all possible kinds of damage, which means that your car will continue to look as good as it did on the day you bought it. Whether you suffer a chipped windscreen, hailstone damage, or someone breaks your wing mirror and drives off, you can always be sure of a favourable outcome thanks to your fully comprehensive insurance.

Tailored fully comprehensive insurance



Fully comprehensive insurance can take various forms. Perhaps you would like to opt for a fixed policy excess? Or maybe you would prefer an ‘English policy excess’ where the excess is deducted from a set amount of material damage? Furthermore, there are also various options for the depreciation. We will be pleased to look with you at the best options for your car(s). Contact us for an appointment!

What does it cover?

Damage that you suffer (material damage): damage caused by the driver or by an unknown third party (e.g. hitting a post or scratches to the car).

Fire: damage if the vehicle bursts into flames.

Theft: high-value vehicles require an additional alarm system.

Glass damage: from a minor chip to a fully broken window.

Collision with animals: when you are unable to avoid the path of crossing animals.

Natural disasters: hailstorms, storms, etc.

We also offer mini comprehensive insurance that does not cover damage suffered by you