Machinery often malfunctions due by human error. For instance, 40% of defective combustion engines and no fewer than 80% of faulty printing presses can be attributed to human error. Minor omissions can have major financial consequences for your company, so machinery breakdown insurance is not an unnecessary luxury!

Protect your machinery

Did you know that machinery breakdown insurance is often compulsory when you lease or hire machinery? It is also absolutely essential for your own machines. After all, unintentional errors happen, and you should not have to foot the bill yourself for sky-high repair costs. The machinery breakdown policy covers defects to all of your machinery, both on your business premises and on site. You can also extend the policy with add-ons for protection against theft or water damage, for example. We will be pleased to put together a tailored policy for you. Contact us!

What does it cover?

Human error

Overheating and breakdown

Internal factors, such as construction or assembly errors

External factors, following a fall, collision, or storm

Possible add-ons for your policy:

  • Fire and explosion
  • Theft
  • Trading loss