When a fire or another serious incident occurs, you can rely on your fire insurance to cover the material damage. But what if you suffer financial loss, such as loss of profit? Trading loss insurance cushions losses during periods in which production is halted or hindered due to the damage. In other words, it is your rock in difficult times.

Steady as a rock during economic recovery

Trading loss insurance as an add-on to fire insurance, is almost like life insurance for your company. For instance, if a serious fire brings your production to a standstill, the trading loss policy will help you keep your head above water financially. The insurance covers fixed costs and also the costs that you have to incur to continue your activities. You will continue to receive the payment until you have returned to the capacity you had when you took out the policy. Contact us for further information without any obligation!

What are the pay-out options?

Fixed sum: fixed daily pay-out during the period of inactivity or disruption.

Pay-out based on turnover: the amount is paid out according to the turnover achieved.

Pay-out based on business costs: the amount is paid out according to accounting parameters that take account of fixed and variable costs, salaries, and the profit margin.