In companies where machines, computers, and other electrical systems play an important role, it is essential to get insurance for machines and IT equipment. This insurance covers unforeseen material damage and theft or attempted theft, both in the company and while on the road.

Machines and electronic devices are safely secured

Are you a photography firm, medical or paramedical practice, construction company, printing company or call centre? This insurance is for any company that works with machine and IT equipment. It covers both fixed machines and portable and mobile devices. This insurance provides optimal protection, whether you have a spacious industrial building or you send your representatives out on the road with a PC and smartphone. It means you do not have to worry about the high replacement costs that can be associated with sudden material damage or theft or attempted theft. Contact us!

What does it cover?

Unforeseen and sudden material damage

Theft or attempted theft

Additional cover:

  • Automatically granted for covered claims: costs of reconstruction of buildings, transport, clean-up, removal of material, etc.
  • Material damage to replacement equipment
  • New equipment with the same characteristics as the insured equipment

Possible add-ons for your policy:

  • Included for office and IT equipment
  • Covers the costs of things such as buying software again, temporary staff and rental of replacement equipment.