> Workplace accident insurance


In Belgium, you are legally required to have workplace accident insurance as soon as you employ a single person. The insurance covers various aspects involved when accidents occur. You can extend this insurance with many other kinds of cover so that the content of the policy is fully tailored to your business activities and your employees.

Peace of mind when accidents occur at work

In essence, this insurance allows you to claim for accidents that occur in the workplace or on the way to or from work (when taking the normal route). However, in principle, workplace accident insurance offers much more. For instance, it provides various standard guarantees that ensure that the insurance is fully in keeping with modern times.

  • Cohabiting partner: in the event of the death of an employee, a cohabiting partner is considered equivalent to a spouse.
  • Homeworking: employees who suffer an accident while working from home are insured.
  • 24/24 mission: cover for accidents that occur on temporary assignments in Belgium or abroad.
  • Sporting and other events: cover for accidents during or on the way from/to an event that you organise, or in which your employees participate.


We always provide a policy that is tailored to your business. The insurance premium depends on various things, such as your type of business activities, and the category to which your employees belong. The compensation is calculated using the employee’s salary and is limited to the statutory ceiling of 44,817.89 euros (in 2020). In order to offer all of your employees a complete package, you can also extend your policy with a number of extras. Contact us for more information!

What does it cover?

Medical expenses

Temporary inability to work

Permanent inability to work

Death following an accident

You can extend the compulsory policy with extras:

  • Supplementary salary insurance: when salaries are higher than the statutory ceiling.
  • Guaranteed salary: the insurance pays the difference between the pay-out and the employee’s normal salary.
  • 24h insurance: covers accidents at any time that involve physical injury (also not job-related).