As a haulage company, do you find the administrative paperwork of various liability insurance policies off-putting? LPP provides you with a single clear and complete insurance solution. It covers everything from contractual liability to professional liability.

Complete insurance solution for hauliers



The Logistics Protection Policy (LPP) covers all liabilities for haulage companies, without any grey areas.


This insurance package comprises:

  • Contractual liability
  • Extra-contractual liability
  • Professional liability
  • Trailer container liability (TCL)
  • Transporter liability (CMR)

The combination of these five liabilities gives this policy exceptionally broad cover, from theft and damage, to late deliveries and unintentional errors. LLP ensures that hauliers do not need to worry when damage occurs. Contact us for a quotation that is tailored to your transport activities!

What does it cover?

Damage, loss, theft and delay in delivery

Cabotage transport: goods transport between 2 points in a single country, by a company from another country

Contractual liability of multi-modal transporters (by road, rail, air, and inland waterways)

Contamination damage during tanker and bulk transport

Transport under controlled temperature: cover for perishable goods that become damaged due to a malfunctioning cooling system, incorrect configuration, incorrect loading or unloading

Clean-up and destruction costs, also for costs needed to save and conserve transported goods

Errors & omissions: tax and administrative fines are guaranteed in the event of loss or damage due to an involuntary error or mistake

Outsourced transport: the liability of the main contractor towards the client is covered when it has goods transported by a subcontractor