In our digital age, more and more companies are unfortunately falling victim to cyber-attacks, even small companies. The consequences of a cyber-attack should not be underestimated: production comes to a standstill, ransom money is demanded, trustworthiness takes a knock, etc. Cyber insurance provides various forms of support and helps your company to get back on its feet again.

Cyber policy that combines support and financial protection

The cyber insurance policy is a unique concept that supports your company in three ways.



1. 24/7 assistance


Our support line can be reached at all times and takes over when an incident occurs. Attempts are made to limit the damage as far as possible by assisting you and calling on the help of IT, legal and PR experts.


2. Guarantee against damage you incur


The policy covers many different types of costs, ranging from the cost of data recovery to costs involved with cyber theft. It also covers administrative costs and economic loss caused by downtime.


3. Guarantee against damage to third parties


You may be held liable for damage suffered by third parties by a cyber-attack on your company, for instance for the loss of personal data. The insurance also covers these costs.


Would you like to arm yourself against cyber-attacks? Contact us with no obligation for cyber insurance that fits your company’s activities!

What does it cover?

Digital prevention campaign: full risk analysis of your existing network by experts

Incident management:

    • Terugbetaling van kosten voor juridische, IT, and PR services to limit and repair any damage or damage to your reputation
    • Tussenkomst in costs of recovering unreadable data or software
    • Vergoeding van kosten om identifying a data breach and informing the parties concerned

Fines: covers fines, such as a privacy fine if data was not properly protected

Network interruption: cover for trading losses caused by the downtime

Liability: compensation for damage caused to third parties and associated legal defence costs

Digital breaches: costs of legal defence for the unauthorised sharing of intellectual property (GDPR issues)

Cyber/privacy extortion: help with negotiation, security, and settlement

Telephone hacking: covers excessive telephone costs as a result of unauthorised access

Cyber theft: help with negotiation, security, and settlement