This liability insurance policy is particularly designed for anyone who organises public events. These can range from a one-day competition organised in your company to associations or organisations that want to insurance themselves for an entire year of operation. The Civil liability insurance for organisers covers any damage suffered by members, volunteers, participants, etc. during an event.

It also protects people who help out.

Are you a company, association or non-profit organisation? Civil liability insurance for organisers is compulsory when you organise an event. Whether you are organising a tournament, competition or a multi-day event, everyone who helps with the organisation is protected. For instance, this includes members, volunteers, and speakers. Furthermore, associations can take out this insurance for their entire year of operation, which is particularly useful for sports clubs, youth associations or theatre groups. The insurance covers personal injury, but also provides cover if a marquee blows onto a neighbour’s house, for instance. In this case, the policy covers any material damage. We always recommend the policy that best suits your situation. Contact us for further information without any obligation!

What does it cover?

Material damage to third parties

Physical injury: reimbursement of medical expenses, invalidity benefit, etc.