As an event organiser, you hope you will never have to cancel an event, but nevertheless it is better to be protected. Event cancellation insurance covers the financial consequences of cancellation, including non-recoverable organisation costs, budgeted profits, etc.

Cancel without financial worries

Weather conditions may threaten public safety, an important speaker may pull out at the last minute or the government may enforce closure. These are all reasons why an event can be cancelled. As an organiser, you want to be able to rely on a good cancellation insurance policy in this scenario. Our policy covers both the non-recoverable costs and the loss of budgeted profits. Are you organising an outdoor sports competition, a major conference, or an end of year party for all of your staff? Contact us for a tailored insurance proposal and organise your event with peace of mind!

What does it cover?

The costs and financial losses as a result of the cancellation

Injury to volunteers

Optional extra: insurance for equipment and installations