Personal accident insurance provides income security for professional footballers and athletes. If you are unable to practise your sport for a short period due to an injury or sickness, then this accident insurance will compensate your loss of income. The personal accident insurance also provides cover when your career is prematurely ended.

Income guarantee for professional athletes

As a professional athlete, you naturally hope that you can build a great and injury-free career. However, personal accident insurance is there for you and your family if fate strikes unexpectedly. This is because you will receive a guaranteed income during the entire period in which you are inactive due to sickness or injury. If you suddenly become incapable of practising your sport, you will be covered by this insurance. In the event of death, an insured capital sum will be paid to your surviving dependants. Are you a household name or an up and coming talent? Every professional athlete can benefit from personal accident insurance! Contact us for a quotation tailored to your requirements.

What does it cover?

Temporary total unfitness: financial guarantee until you are fit again

Permanent total unfitness: an agreed sum is paid out if your career is prematurely ended due to injury or sickness

Death: in the event of an accidental or natural death, an agreed sum is paid out to surviving dependants