Are you planning to construct an entirely new complex for your company? Then it’s a good idea to have All Construction Site Risks insurance! In contrast to standard fire insurance, this insurance covers all risks within a construction project, such as damage on the site or damage to equipment.

Construction with peace of mind

All Construction Site Risks is also known as fully comprehensive insurance for a construction site. That’s because this all-round insurance covers various facets, for both new builds and renovation projects. If the building owner takes out this insurance, he or she will be protected against consequential loss on the site, damage to the work carried out and damage to the equipment used. Would you like to explore the possibilities of All Construction Site Risks insurance for your construction project? Make an appointment!!

What does it cover?

Section 1: material damage to the building caused by work or maintenance

Section 2: third-party liability cover

Theft on site: loss and damage to construction work

Material damage to personal property and site materials: additional insurance depending on the size of the site (optional)