Are you an architect, contractor, or other service provider in the construction sector? This compulsory insurance only brings benefits for you, as it protects your company against high costs if serious construction damage or other construction defects appear.

Policy for serious defects



As a construction professional, you can be held liable for serious defects such as cracks in walls, flaws in foundations or humidity problems. This insurance protects your company against the high costs of repairing damage, or even reconstruction. We recommend that you take out this policy for all your construction projects, although it is only compulsory for homes. Our subscription format relieves the burden on your administration and means that all your sites are automatically insured. Naturally, you can also take out this insurance for a single project. Contact us and we will look together at the best option for you!

Which projects are covered?

Work or services relating to a home, single-family house, or flat in Belgium.

Work involving an enclosed carcass structure of a home

Work with an urban planning permit that requires the intervention of an architect