In the month of April it is Maxim's turn. This 28-year-old resident of Bruges has been handling the claims at D'hondt Insurance for a few years now.

I am active in the claims management department with a specialization in construction. In addition to the daily management of the various claims, I am also regularly on the road to attend various expertises and assist our clients. We try to handle our claims perfectly from beginning to end.

The best thing about this job, and more specifically claims management, is the variety and satisfaction you get out of it at the end of the day. Each file is in one way or another always different from the previous one ,not only on an insurance-technical level. The architectural and even legal aspects play an important role in some files as well. Every day is therefore an opportunity to learn new things.

The moment that I remember most from my career is my very first expertise. This took place in Blankenberge and was organized in response to water damage in a cellar. However, that day my colleagues were busy and no one else from the team could attend the expertise. I myself had just had a year of experience and I offered myself with a pounding heart. Despite the necessary stress that came with it, everything went smoothly and the claim was handled quickly. This has given me the necessary confidence to still do several expertise every week to this day.

Besides work I am an avid hobby chef and I regularly go to the gym to do strength training. Blowing off some steam after a hard day at work while also working on your physical health can certainly do you good.

I have been working at D'hondt Insurance for about 4.5 years now. On 20/02/2017 I arrived as an intern and since 18/09/2017 I can call myself a permanent member of the team.

In the beginning I mainly dealt with the processing of various industrial accident files of our service check customers, more specifically of the company Dienstenaanhuis. This way I learned how we handle such claims from our office and which matters are important to proactively manage a file.

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