> Interview with Astrid Coucke


Every month we introduce one of the members of our team. In November it will be our employee Astrid's turn. She works in the commercial office of D'hondt Insurance.

Can you tell us more about your position at D'hondt Insurance?

My job content consists of looking for the right solution for the customer. Our team ensures that the customer has the correct coverage at a good rate. We search the market for the most suitable conditions so that our customer is insured as adequate as possible.

Do you have further ambitions to grow within the company?

I myself have no ambition to grow into the commercial field, but I would like to get better at my job. In addition, I would like to bring in new customers together with my colleagues from the sales department. And of course keep existing customers within our client base.

How long have you been working at D'hondt Insurance?

At the end of January 2022 I will work for D'hondt Insurance for four years.

What do you like to do besides work?

I like to go out for dinner and I try to do some sports in between.

What do you think is the best part of your job?

Personally, I like to find a solution for the special requests. Some customers/prospects have a specific activity or problem and it is always very nice if we can find a correct solution on the market. It is also pleasant to consult with colleagues across the different departments, because everyone has a different view of the insurance world from their job. For example, the people responsible for claims have more experience in claims handling, which can be of interest to us.

Do you also want to be part of our team?

Look at all our open vacancies and maybe you will be a part of Team D'hondt soon.