This month we put foreign talent in the spotlight. Agnieszka is responsible for the Polish branch of D'hondt Insurance, in addition she also helps out with the claims of our transport department.

Since April 2019 I am responsible for the Polish branch of D'hondt Insurance, in Warsaw. In addition, I also help out in the transport department of the head office in Bruges to handle damage cases.

Ik vind het altijd leuk om dingen bij te leren, zeker van medewerkers die meer ervaring hebben. Voor mij is het echter wel een uitdaging aangezien mijn moedertaal Pools is maar de communicatie wel hoofdzakelijk in het Nederlands gebeurt.

Het tofste aan mijn job is het internationale aspect. Ik werk graag samen met mensen uit andere landen en deel graag ervaringen met hen.

Studying is my thing, last year I graduated from a master's degree in logistics. Now that this study has been completed, I am already thinking about the next thing I can study. This also includes new languages ​​and trivia about World War II. I am currently taking Spanish classes.

Besides my work I like to do sports and travel. You can find me in the gym three times a week. I also jog occasionally.

I love weekends away! Usually I look for good flight deals and I spontaneously leave on a trip with a friend. Despite the pandemic, I have managed to visit many places lately, in half a year I visited the following destinations: Spain, Czech Republic, France, Latvia & Finland. Soon my dream will come true: I am finally going to travel to the United States.

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