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The purchase of a courier bike, delivery bike, or electric bike soon becomes a serious investment. Have you thought of getting your bike insured? Bicycle insurance covers theft and various types of material damage. The breakdown assistance means every insured cyclist can take to the road with peace of mind!

Trouble-free cycling

Cyclists are exposed to many risks. Our fully comprehensive bicycle insurance means you are better protected against all kinds of incidents. Our bicycle insurance covers theft, or attempted theft, and material damage caused, for instance, by a collision, fall or vandalism. Furthermore, you benefit from assistance if you have a breakdown or an accident. Would you like to safeguard your wonderful racing bike or an entire commercial fleet of electric bikes? We will be pleased to tailor a policy to your needs and situation. Contact us for a quote!

What does it cover?

Theft and attempted theft

Material damage caused by:

    • Falls
    • Collisions
    • Unexpected contact
    • Toppling over
    • Collision
    • Vandalism
    • Forces of nature

Assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown