Accident statement paper used after a car accident

It is important to correctly fill in a European collision form after an accident. After all, it can have consequences afterwards, for example a witness or the form can be disputed.

Good preparation is half the job

Fill in your details in advance on the European collision form. Then you are well prepared and save time in the event of a collision.

Make an extensive situation sketch

Try to indicate as much as possible when drawing up the situation sketch: road markings, signs, streets, obstacles, etc.

Call the police and an ambulance if there are any injuries

It is not only evident but also a legal obligation. If there are injuries after an accident, you are obliged to call the police and provide the necessary assistance.

Verify that the other party's details are truthful

Make sure that the details of the other party match the details on the insurance certificate.

Be as complete as possible when collecting witness contact details

If there is a witness to the accident, collect as many contact details of that person as possible: telephone number, email address, address of his or her place of residence, etc. It can help to ask for a business card if this person has one or to take a picture of his or her or her ID card. If you do not have sufficient information about the witness, it can be disputed.

If there is no agreement, please let us know via the “Comments” section.

If no agreement can be reached between the two parties, it is best to let us know via the comments on the European collision form. Write that you do not agree with what the other party has stated and do not sign the other party's collision form.

Write down anything that may be important while filling out the form

If you do not write everything down when the collision form is completed, this can be disputed later.

Try to reach an agreement with the other party

If possible, try to agree with the other party so that both parties sign the collision form.

Order and tidiness are of great importance

Try to write with neat handwriting and erase as little as possible. If something is not readable, this can have consequences later.

Source: TVM

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