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The team member that will be put in the spotlight this month is Carine Bogaert. She will soon be 58 years old, is married and lives in Sijsele.

I have been a claims manager at heart for 36 years. My first assignment at D'hondt Insurance (then still the Frits Kerckhof-Meerschman Agnes office) was to arrange the extracts from the savings account (at that time we also had a savings account NMKN – 't Blauw Fabriekske) in alphabetical order. At the time, classification was very important because everything was still done manually, but this was and is usually underestimated. From day 1 I also received internal training within the office and was immediately deployed as a claims manager. First the somewhat easy files and then gradually get a better grip on the more difficult damages. Before that I also followed various courses outside the office, but mainly thanks to a very good training from Frits, Agnes, and colleague Jean-Pierre, who unfortunately passed away suddenly in 2001.

Not only do I find my job very interesting, but D'hondt insurance is also fun to work for. We are a friendly bunch, who support each other through thick and thin. Together we can enjoy an occasional party or an outing. I hope that I can continue to do my job with pleasure and passion. In addition to my work, I also like to do the normal daily tasks, the laundry and the toilet, working in the garden (for me a mental relaxation after a busy working day/week), but of course also enjoying as much as possible: going cycling, enjoy nature, enjoy a drink on a terrace, go out for dinner….

I will never forget January – February 1990 because then a big storm raged over Belgium and in 2 months I had as many damage files as then in a whole year. In addition, in 1990 we had switched from the typewriter to the computer. There was no time to think will I be able to do this, we were in front of it and had to get through it together.

The best thing about my job is the enormous variety, since as a claims manager I can/can do all kinds of claims. So both Car, Fire, BA operation, Individual & Occupational Accidents, Hospitalization, etc.

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